Ford & GE Join Forces To Help Battle Medical Supply Shortage

The fight against the coronavirus just got a little more fair.  On Monday, March 30, 2020, Ford and General Electric announced they were joining forces to help produce ventilators to help combat the medical supply shortage the United States is experiencing admist the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Today, the death toll of the coronavirus surpassed the 3,000-mark as hospitals struggle to find enough ventilators and other supplies to help infected patients recover from the global disease.  
Production for the new design by Ford and GE will go into production on April 20 and have forecasted producing tens of thousands in the months ahead. 
General Motors has also responded, announcing an effort with partner Ventec Life Systems and their production is expected to yield ventilators ready to use by the end of April.
The combined effort will no doubt help fulfill demand, as production of ventilators will be manufactured at a rate of thousands per week. 
It isn't the first time Ford and GM have stepped up to help our country in time of need.  During World War II, the auto manufacturers produced military equipment as well as jeeps, tanks, planes and more. 
Whether the effort from these companies assisting will be enough to fill the void remains unseen, however, it could inspire other manufacturers to hop on board during a time of complete economic uncertainty.  Only time will tell. 
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